1. Loved this because I’ve been in Atlanta for about 8 months and strangely enough I haven’t been to Buckhead yet, Damn, that pizza looks amazing. Might have to check it out. I have also lived in NYC and miss it like crazy:)

    • Erica Cho

      Hi Heidi! I love NYC so much. But I do notice that every time I go back to Atlanta, there are great new things popping up all the time. You guys have Shake Shack now! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Chubbuni13

    How awesome would that be if Chan recruited Chan Lee to her bakery? It’s be like Voltron level symbiosis in the baked goods industry and she wouldn’t even have to change the name… #justathought

    • Erica Cho

      Haha, yes, that would have been cool. But she is a blogger, and not a baker. Boooo. #VoltronLevelSymbiosis Always cracking me up

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