1. Anonymous

    I love you, Ms. Cho! Your blog put a smile on my face. And YES! I see the SAG-regation on all my jobs too. Non-union: We set up chairs underneath a pop-up & they sit outside rain or shine. Union peeps get their own trailer. haha!!

    Seeing the San Blas video makes me wanna go back! I forgot how beautiful it is!

    Keep up the good work! 2011 will shower you with good blessings & many principle speaking rolls!!



  2. That's funny that they billed you as a prostitute, Erica. Talk about your unintentionally humorous castings, you know?

    Hope your holidays are fine and merry, and there's no shame in hustling for money one way or another… *singing off key* because it's hard out here for a piyimp.

    John & Mully

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